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What is Vlisco Stories?

Vlisco Stories is a community for telling stories about real dutch wax, wax prints, Vlisco fabrics, fashion and the beautiful things in Africa. We are a community of storytellers, sharing personal stories. You can use Vlisco Stories to share your daily stories and to help us document the stories taking place in the world around Vlisco fabrics and products.


How does it work?

Vlisco Stories makes it easy to write beautiful stories, incorporating text, (in a later phase pictures and sound), roles, relationships, tags, timelines, dedications, and characters — mixing elements of traditional storytelling with elements of technology.


Why are you doing this?

Vlisco archives its fabrics by means of a numerical code. When the fabrics arrive in the market, the fabrics are given a name. Every name has a unique story, a unique location, a personal experience and a personal narrative. As far as we know Vlisco is the only company or brand in the world where the people and not the company gives the name of the products. Vlisco Stories is the place to collect all the stories.


Who's behind this?

Vlisco Stories is an initiative by Vlisco to document the stories taking place around the naming (baptising) of the fabrics.


Who uses Vlisco Stories?

We are a  community of storytellers from all over the world. We are journalists, tailors, photographers, writers, artists, filmmakers, designers, explorers, fashion addicts and many other things. We hope you will join us.


How do you support this?

We intend for Vlisco Stories to be a self-sustaining creative community. We facilitate storytelling with this platform.


Can I tell stories in other languages?

You may tell your stories in any language, though we find stories in English get the most attention. Some people translate their stories into English, while others leave them in the original language.

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