The origin of this motif is a Coptic altar cloth. The pattern was originally one of the most important products in the Vlisco range. It continues to be produced by Vlisco to this very day and has been imitated repeatedly since the sixties. This design is ever-present whenever the hippie trend comes back in style.

Also known as: Cigar Band (Ghana?), Addis Ababa

  • goldcoastghana

    For Joop, Constance, and anyone else who might be wondering: the name 'Angelina' has its roots in 1970s Ghana. In the late seventies, the popularity of the print coincided with the release of the hit song "Angelina" by legendary Ghanaian highlife group The Sweet Talks. People began referring to the printed fabric as 'Angelina' (after the similarly vibrant track) and the name has become so popular that even Vlisco now uses it when referring to the iconic print. If you have always wondered why it is they call it 'Angelina', now you know!

  • Joop Martens

    Constance the origin of the name Angelina is still unknown. I checked a lot on Makola market in Accra but without any result.

  • lucie.faber

    I have this pattern in the colours red and green, some with hearts, some with clover

  • Constance Kirker

    Joop- can you help me find out about the name Angelina?

  • Constance Kirker

    Who is ANGELINA?

  • Constance Kirker

    Who is ANGELINA??????

  • Joop Martens

    The name Cigar band is the internal Vlisco name and never heard in Ghana. Only Angelina is the named used in Ghana. My question is: who is or was Angeline???

  • Rela Qwamivi Kpodo Eglu

    I love this design Angelina (Cigar Band) not only due to the colour combination; also due to that my a Textile Designing.

  • stellah

    Definitely Dashiki in USA. This fabric is the pride of many African Americans during the 60s-70s. Afros and Dashikis....Beautiful!

  • Amy Terry Sifuma

    Also known as Dashiki or Mashallah in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda)

  • Roshni Shah

    We call it Masala or Java in both Kenya and Tanzania, and it was orignally brought in from Java, Indonesia in the 60s. While there is no Hippie age right now, this design has been in fashion here in Nairobi, Kenya for the past 18 months!

  • Silke Jurkowitsch

    I love this design not only due to the pink-green colour combination also due to the fact that is was part of my African Wedding dirndl.


Ya Mado

  • story by
  • polu

  • 17 april 2017

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in January 2015, famous congolese singer Fabregas wrote a song called "Mascara" dealing with the artificial beauty of girls putting up too much makeup when going out at night. In the video clip, dancers are wearing this pattern on their tshirts, which are now called in Congo Brazzaville & DRC "Ya Mado"...


Miriam Makeba

This fabric is called Miriam Makeba in (in Congo?). Do you know the story behind this name? Please share it with us.

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