This pattern is often named after the former Secretary-General of the United Nations. On the day the design was launched, this Ghanian diplomat was giving a speech in New York.

The foundation of this pattern consists entirely of hachures, a network of fine lines. Because of this, it cannot be produced in all the available colours. Actually, this design is one of the first in which our customers were not given the option to choose from the entire colour palette.

This pattern is popular in Ghana.

  • Joop Martens

    I was in Lomé last week and the design is called there 'Placenta' and sometimes 'Baobab'!

  • Mym

    LOL @ Niels' comment !!

  • Joop Martens

    I don't know who wrote this but technically I would like to make some remarks: the word 'foundation' is mentioned in two different contexts and twice in wrong way. Firstly: it is not the foundation that consists out of hachure line but the ground! Secondly: it is not non-indigo foundation colours but non-indigo base colours! By the way this whole sentence "In production......spots" is very strange and to be honest I don't know what the writer wants to say. Something additional to the story: the UN contacted Vlisco to protest against this name. But since the name is given by the market and not by Vlisco it can not be forbidden!

  • Niels Verhart

    I cannot help it, but when I see this design, I'm thinking of Croissants

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