Village Molokai

This pattern is immensely popular in DRCongo, so the name ‘Village Molokai’ refers to the village of Molokai in DRCongo. The pattern is also called ‘Guerre de Shaba’ on account of the struggle for independence that broke out in Shaba, a province in the southern part of DRCongo that is now known as Katanga.

  • Nzo Ma Kongo

    Village Molokai is the name of the headquarters of famous singer Papa Wemba in Kinshasa. I do not know if there is a village called Molokai in the Tetela region where he belongs, but it surely is much less known than the place close to the Rond-Point Victoire, a hot spot of Kinshasa where most of open air concerts are played, from the 70s until today.

  • Nimzy Alison

    colourful design

  • Tjarda Wessels

    one of my favorite designs!


Guerre de Shaba

This fabric is called "Guerre de Shaba". Do you know the story behind it?

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