Roi du Zaire

My mom told me this nice story about what she thinks about when she sees this pattern. I felt like a little child listening to a Disney story.. This fabric directly caught my moms eye, not just because she also has this one, but because of the fact that Mobutu ''king of Zaire', worn it as a blazer during a speech to the country. The time of Mobutu as president reminds my mom of a great time in Congo, eventho there was a lot of trouble too. She said, oh when i see this fabric i see our proud king of Zaire and talked about many things he did. Oke, i wasn't there when mobutu reigned but now i don't see this fabric only as just one of the first super wax patterns in Congo anymore, i see the story of Mobutu..


Kanga Lopango

I got told that not this superwax is also known as ''kanga lopango'' but a dutch wax with bigger squares? But i do know the story of Kanga Lopango..

Kanga Lopango means ''getting your garden sheltered'' it's a proverb that people in Congo use for an engagement/marriage in Africa .. Sheltering your garden is like letting people know that there is no room for another love anymore..

I'm curious if this pattern actually also have been used a lot for engagement/marriages.. Do you know more about it?



Carré-Carré’ is one of the first Super-Wax patterns. The demand for new Super-Wax patterns is never-ending. Long-running, popular patterns are therefore rare, but this is one of them. Another example is ‘l’Oignon’. Super-Wax is very popular in DRCongo. For Congolese women it symbolises quality, class and pride.

Also known as: Kanga Lopanga

  • Nzo Ma Kongo

    Oops, there's a mistake, it is "kanga lopango" This is a strong meaning in lingala. Proper translation is "closing the plot" but the locution means something different: getting married, for a man who marries a woman. So, I understand that giving this name to this Super-Wax means it is a beautiful present that a man can give to the woman he wants to marry, or to her mother to convince her to agree for the wedding.

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