Each year this pattern is worn during the meeting of the Lomé Houngni women, an order of women from Lomé, Togo. Unfortunately many copies of this pattern are also being worn today, but only the notables and upper class wear the real Vlisco pattern. The pattern is very popular in Ivory Coast and in the colourway shown here, in which two colours (red and yellow) are printed on top of each other.

  • Hannah Monette Oum Kalsoum

    J'ai porté et aimé ce pagne

  • Barbara Amouzou

    "LOME HOINYE"or "CONGRES" This pattern was to magnify brave, honorable and worthy women of Lomé. In the old times, it gave to the woman who wore it: respect, admiration and class because it was the most expensive Wax and it was not given to everyone to buy it. This pattern has been sold well through the generations and it was essential in engagements.


Elegant Women

This fabric is called Elegant Women in Togo. Do you know the story behind it?

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