Kilikili Star (Small star)

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  • 13 december 2012

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This fabric is a must have and most loved by the Ibo’s in Nigeria. I was told by a girlfriend that the star on the fabric makes her feel significant which is so important to her. She specifies that the colour of the fabric always cheers her up and this adds value and meaning to her life. Therefore she recommends Kilikil star as a must have fabric for everybody.


Small Star

The well-known ochre and red colours in this popular Igbo pattern reveal its traditional origins.

Also known as: Petits Etoiles.

  • This is one of Vlisco’s most beloved heritage designs, known locally by the Igbo tribe in Nigeria as the Kilikili Star. This is one of the stories behind it’s name. The king of Moonland commissioned a mirror that should shine like the sun. When the only reflection the mirror gave was the moon, the king flew into a rage and cursing he smashed the mirror. Sending hundreds of fragments into the air, where they planted them selves like shining stars in the sky.

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