Target Consulaire Gbédjégan (Traditionel King’s hat)

This fabric is called Target Consulaire Gbédjégan (Traditionel King’s hat) or Gbedze in Togo. A hat that resembles the straw hats of kings. These hats are worn during everyday activities and also during work in the fields. It is different to the royal crown. It covers the entire head and is made of straw. Some women wear this hat to protect themselves from the blazing sun in front of their stall at the market.


Nsu Bura (water well)

This fabric is called Nsu Bura (water well) in Ghana. Do you know the story behind it?


Record Plaque-plaque

This motif is derived from the tie-dye technique and is popular in Mali. This circle motif is copied exactly as it is used by Western fashion and textile brands to express an African idiom.

In Nigeria, the design is know as record, thanks to the circular shape of the motif, which reminds many customers and traders of records that were played on a gramophone.

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