What's your colour story?

Written by MedaNtumba8 years, 3 months ago

Just like you, we are colour crazy. We are aware of the importance of colour in the lives of our dearest fans and storytellers. Colour has always been linked to social values in Africa, and we would like to know what role(s) colour has played in your life.

We want you to feel special in our designs, therefore we develop and make our own unique colours and hues in-house, ensuring the deepest colours, which remain vibrant, even after washing. This way, you’ll never look dull and will always stand out.


Indigo is the most important dye in our colour portfolio, but it also has a cultural value in some African countries because it was one of the first colours ever used. The colour is a means of expression, a way to communicate, and would be used for several occasions. In 1969, ‘Sepia’ was introduced as a base colour for our fabrics, creating a total new depth in colour that will hopefully keep inspiring you, and give you total freedom in creating your own personal story with our fabrics.


We may have introduced several colours in our portfolio, but indigo will always remain a key colour in our Wax Hollandais, also known as Hollandis or Dutch Wax, and Super-Wax collections. It can never disappear, because it is still very much appreciated by you, our dearest fans, and Africans.



“No wax in indigo would be like Africa, without palm trees”- Claude Fauque from the book Tissus d’Afrique.


Just like everyone else, you also must have a favourite colour. What it is? Share a Vlisco fabric with your favourite colours on this platform and lead us through your personal story. We’re very curious...


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