A New Storytelling Era for Nigerian Fans

Written by MedaNtumba7 years, 11 months ago

July 18th will be a very special day for us, and also hopefully for our Nigerian fans. Starting that day, you can shop your favourite fabrics at Ikeja Mall in Lagos! Vlisco loves Nigeria. Not only because they at the forefront of African fashion, but because we are gratefully entwined in their rich culture.

Wearing clothes has a meaning that goes beyond of just covering the body. Instead, it also functions as a form of individual and cultural communication. Dutch Wax, or how Nigerians call them ‘Hollandis’, is seen by many as African, depicting African identity and pride. We respect and honour Africa’s rich culture and rituals, that we have even tailored certain designs to appeal to specific groups and populations.


In celebration of our first store in Lagos, we’re calling all of our Nigerians fans to come join us at this special day and tell us what the true meaning of Hollandis is. In Eastern Nigeria, the Igbo have their favoured designs and colours they have worn year in, year out. This is our gift to them, it is theirs. Even within Vlisco we refer to this design as Igbo. But what about the Hausa, Yoruba or any other tribe in Nigeria? What are your most favourite designs and colours within your tribe? Feel free to share them with us here.


We hope to see you at the Vlisco store opening on July 18th at Ikeja Mall in Lagos, and share your personal story with an original Hollandis fabric here at Vlisco Stories.

1 comment

  • Chinelo Ndego

    So glad to have Vlisco stores in Nigeria. We can buy our original hollandias fabric and also to learn the stories behind each design. Kudos Medan.

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