Nana Benz - le mythe devenu discret

Written by Vlisco Stories Team10 years, 10 months ago

We received the book ‘Nana Benz - le mythe devenu discret’ from our friends from Togo.


The book is published by Editions HAHO in 2011 under ISBN 978-2-906718-13-5


Togolese writer/journalist/TV presenter Dolibe Dorothee Tabiou is herself a fan of Vlisco and she decided to write this book to leave a message about how these powerful women - called Nana Benz - have played a role in the economy of Togo and how they confront challenges of the market. 

The story about women called Nana Benz is illustrated with some original photos; there are tips on 'how to choose a fabric', a list of well known woman and stories about the most famous fabrics. Two artists from Togo have written and performed songs about the 'phenomenon' Nana Benz, Monia Tchanghaï and King Mensah: Les Nana Benz de Lomé merci ... and Lomé Nana Benz.


Here is the link to the song:

Nana Benz (Togo) by King Mensah on Grooveshark



The following stories mentioned in the book are also on Vlisco Stories, some of them even with a different story.




And here is the fabric dedicated to Mama Benz:


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  • Barbara Amouzou

    The story of Nana Benz is a real beautiful one! They have for sure, played a role in the economy of Togo in the past years when Lomé was called "La Suisse de l'Afrique" or "The Switzerland of Africa". Here are other links to the books with the stories to Vlisco fabrics:

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