Video: Dream Award Winners in Holland

Written by Vlisco Stories Team9 years, 10 months ago

This year, Vlisco celebrated Women’s Month for the first time. A yearly tribute and award to West and Central Africa’s most inspirational and successful women and those who dream of success. The winners were elected by all of you and were revealed during festive Award nights in March. A huge success! We received more than 160.000 votes from as many as 50 countries. This great enthusiasm resulted in seven successful and inspirational Vlisco Be Your Dream Award Winners.

In August, the Award winners of Congo, Benin, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Togo arrived in the Netherlands for a 3-day visit. This inspirational trip, full of cultural and educational activities, was part of the first prize. The ladies, also known as our Brand Ambassadors 2013, will provide the knowledge and experiences they gain during their visit to The Netherlands to women in their homeland and abroad.

Of course, we will take you through the trip with this amazing video!


As you can see all the ladies wear dressed in beautiful Vlisco fabrics. Do you know the Stories behind them?


  • inge

    I love Vlisco; from 1990 up and until 1994 we lived in Port Gentil (Gabon). Since that time I am hooked. By now I have informed so many people about Vlisco. I feel a bit like an ambassador. Keep on going the way you do!. Love, Inge van der Wijk

  • Christof Zürn

    Holland meets Africa, great!

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